Ye Olde Cane Shoppe offers a large selection of walking sticks and walking canes from the walking stick
makers of Europe and the US. These canes with character are both fashion statements and walking aids.
Walking sticks are the perfect gift to give or receive. Incredible canes for incredible people!

When you are looking for wooden canes with style and fashion, we at Incredible Canes have searched
the world to find just the walking stick for you. If you are searching for a special cane and do not find it
on our site, please contact us and we will try to help you locate it.

We hope that the large selection of handle and cane styles available on our site will inspire you to be
creative and fanciful. Why use a plain cane when we offer so many striking walking sticks from which to

Be sure to check out the large selection of Silver Walking Canes, Bronze canes and brass canes. We
have added more folding canes and straight adjustable canes.
Our walking stick and walking cane site offers cane stands to display your walking sticks, canes and umbrellas. Also see our selection of cane
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Canes be sized down at no charge.
Place size needed in space provided when entering order.               
Please visit our collection of exotic canes and bronze
canes from Spain and Italy. We are receiving new canes
and exotic walking sticks regularly so please check often
or call us toll free.
We have designed our site to be easy to navigate and responsive to help you find the cane you are
searching for. We try to present every walking stick we offer as if you were browsing in your favorite

Incredible Canes offers a large selection of elegant and unique canes for walking.
We have been finding unique canes and walking sticks for the last 15 years and are continually
searching for the newest walking sticks to offer our customers. We deal directly with the cane makers
of Europe and the United States.
We are confident we have the perfect cane to suit your needs. Canes in stock can be shipped the same day ordered in most cases.
No sales tax on shipments outside Texas!

Unique Walking Sticks and Canes

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Walking Sticks

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Bamboo Hiking Stick with Strap & Compass
Mallard Umbrella
Lucite Fritz Walking Stick
US Army Straight Adjustable Cane
Scrimshaw Whale Tooth Walking Stick
Blue Peacock Offset Adjustable Cane
Bridges Round Floral Design Door Knob Cane
Coopers Scrimshaw Squirrel Walking Stick
Pigskin Leather Crook Cane
Blue Floral Slim Adjustable Folding Cane
Natural Boxer Walking Stick
Silver Ruled Knob Walking Stick