Cane Handle Styles
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Crook Handle
Also called
Tourist handle, J
handle & hospital
Derby Handle
Knob Handle
Fritz Handle
T Handle
Ergonomic Handle, Palm Grip Handle, Contour Handle,
Fischer Handle
Ergonomic Modified Fischer Handle, Modified
Palm Grip Handle, Modified Contour Handle
Offset Handle
L Shaped or Cosmopolitan Handle
Orthopedic Handle
Designed for
comfort & ease
of use.
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Also called Crutch
handle or Opera
Knob handle
centers weight
over shaft.
T handle centers
weight over shaft.
Designed for
comfort - either right
or left hand.
Supports palm of
Designed for
comfort & support -
right or left hand.
Distributes weight
along shaft to tip.
Soft cushion
Can be used with
either left or right
hand for balance.
Can be used with
both Left and right
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