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Extra Tall Natural Wood
Fritz Walking Stick
Natural hardwood handle & shaft.
Brass collar. Shaft tapers from 7/8"
to 3/4". Length is 42".
Lemon Ice Acrylic Derby
Walking Stick
Lemon Ice acrylic derby handle.
Exotic 3/4" Rosewood shaft. Silver
Collar. Length is 42".
Chrome Plated Scroll Derby
Walking Stick
Embossed Chrome plate derby
handle. Silver finish collar. Black
Beechwood shaft. Shaft tapers
from 7/8" to 3/4". Length is 42".
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Extra Tall Jack Walking
CCS 1175115
Italy. Hand carved resin rabbit
handle. Brown Beechwood shaft.
Brass collar. Shaft is 3/4" top to
bottom. Length is 42".
Extra Tall Rustic Oak Crook
Walking Stick
Germany. Genuine rustic scorched
natural oak one piece crook
handle & shaft.  Approx 1" shaft.
Length is 41".
Temporarily out of stock
Spiral Natural Stag Horn
Walking Stick
Germany. Genuine stag horn
antler handle mounted on an
artistic spiral hand grooved shaft
hand carved by a master
craftsman. Decorative weave
metal band. Length is 42".