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Ivory Ball Knob Cane
Italy. Ivory acrylic ball knob handle.
Scorched cherry stained hardwood
shaft. Brass collar. Shaft tapers
from 3/4" to 1/2". Length is 36".
Spiral Bulb Chestnut Knob
Germany. Scorched chestnut knob
handle. Scorched chestnut hand
carved spiral shaft. Shaft tapers
from 1 1/8" to 1".  Length is 35".
40" Twisted Maple with Bocote Pistol Grip Walking Stick
US. Bocote pistol grip handle. Maple wood shaft. Twist swirls on center
of shaft. Length is 40".
40" Twisted Hickory Turned Knob Walking Stick
US. Turned solid hickory knob. Solid hickory twisted shaft. Twist swirls
on center of shaft. Length is 40".
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40" Twisted Paduk Pistol Grip Walking Stick
US. Pistol Grip Walking Stick is made from a solid piece of padauk wood.
Pistol grip handle gives it an ergonomic feel in your hand. Twist swirls
down center of shaft. Length is 40".
Chrome Plated Solid Brass
Skull Knob Cane
Solid Brass Skull with chrome
plated finish. Black maple hard
wood shaft. Chrome collar. Shaft is
1" top to bottom. Length is 36".
Knotted English Chestnut
Knob Walking Stick
Germany. Genuine straight
imported knotted 3/4" English
chestnut walking stick with
leather loop.  Length is 36".
Mens Formal Cap Knob
Gold tone cap handle. Black 7/8"
tapered hardwood shaft. Approx
7/8' to 3/4" shaft.
Length is 36".
Floral Fantasy Walking Stick
Clear acrylic knob handle with
beautiful flowers encapsulated in
acrylic. 3" Chrome collar. 7/8" black
hardwood shaft. Length is 36".
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925 Silver Golf Ball Walking
CCS 1074158
Italy. Italian 925 silver plate Golf
Green beechwood shaft. Shaft
tapers from 7/8"to 3/4".
Length is 36".
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Lucite Skull Walking Stick
Lucite Skull handle. Skull is 3" tall
& 2 1/8" wide. Clear 7/8" Lucite
shaft. 3" Chrome collar.
Length is 36".
Silver Golf Ball Handle  
Silver golf ball knob handle. Black
hardwood shaft. Silver tone collar.
Approx 7/8" to 3/4" shaft.
Length is 36".
Silver Finish Straight
Formal Knob Cane
Silver finish acrylic 3" high knob
handle. Black Hardwood shaft.
Stainless collar. Shaft is 7/8" top to
bottom. Length is 36".