Cane Information & Sizing
Canes and walking sticks are not intended to be used for full weight support. Canes and walking sticks are intended to
be used for balance and light support. The above does not replace your Doctors recommendation
. Please call us if you have
any questions. Approximate shaft sizes are given for each cane we offer to guide you in choosing your cane.

The suggestions below are for guidelines only. Please adjust size for your comfort.

It takes two people to size a cane.

Stand with your arms down by your side. Put on the shoes you normally wear. Have a second person measure the distance from the wrist joint down
to the floor. This distance should be the total length of your cane top to bottom.
If you have a cane that is the correct size, please measure from top of cane to bottom of cane tip.

NO RETURNS ON CUT OR ALTERED CANES. If you have your cane cut or you cut it, we cannot accept the return.  Be sure of the size before ordering
your cane.

To remove ferrule: Grasp the shaft above the ferrule/rubber tip with one hand and the ferrule with the other hand and gently twist the ferrule
off. Cut shaft with a fine tooth hacksaw blade.

We will cut your cane for you at time of purchase at no charge, however, If you receive your cane and want to have us cut it, you must pay UPS
shipping charges both to us and back to you. We cannot take back cut canes. Be sure of your measurements.
How To Hold Your Cane
Suggestions on holding your cane
Care For Your Cane:
If your cane gets damp or wet while you are walking, be sure to wipe it off with a clean dry lint free cloth. To polish your wood cane, you can use
Lemon Oil or any wood polish that you would use on fine furniture.  Lemon Oil can be found at most department stores.

Wooden handles can be cleaned with a wood polish or lemon oil. Silver, Brass or Pewter should be cleaned only with a Jewelry Polishing Cloth
available at most department stores. We recommend using a jewelry polishing cloth and not a paste.

Rubber Cane Tips/Ferrules:
When the rubber tips on your cane become worn, an excellent place to check for replacement tips is Lowes or Home Depot in the Chair tip
department. Be sure to take your cane or the worn tip to get the correct size.

Recommended Cane Books:  
If you would like to read more about the history of canes please visit your local bookstore or go to for these selections.
Cane and Walking Sticks - A Stroll through time and Place - Jeffrey B Snyder
Canes from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century - Jeffrey B Snyder
Canes Through the Ages - Francis H Monek
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