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40" Twisted Sweet Gum Turned Knob Walking Stick

Your Price: $71.99
Part Number:BS-502-3000-0262
  • Imagine yourself in another place and time as you walk down this street with this head-turning cane.
  • It resembles a fine piece of furniture or a treasure you'd find in a museum.
  • The unique knob handle in the same tone as the twists in the shaft sets it apart from ordinary walking sticks and makes it easy to hold.
  • Don't be surprised if people ask where you got it.
  • Unlike lifeless metal canes, this hand crafted cane is crafted from natural wood – the choicest Sweet Gum, a hardwood which is strong yet flexible.
  • Each cane is a true work of art and a one-of-a-kind treasure, as no two are alike.
  • The cane has classic appeal but with an interesting twist that makes it truly unique.
  • The smooth knob handle will feel comfortable in your hand.
  • The rubber tip at the bottom helps you gain good traction.
  • Each walking cane is made in the USA by master woodworkers. Handcrafted, one at a time.

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