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48" Twisted Laminated Aromatic Cedar Hiking Stick

Your Price: $53.99
Part Number:BS-602-3000-1251
• This beautiful walking stick is not only good looking, but gives off a wonderful cedar aroma. Red hues swirl together with cream, giving it an appealing two-tone appearance.• It’s probably the most gifted stick we have, meaning people love to give it as a gift. And the recipients are as thrilled as the givers when they see the fine quality craftsmanship.• The Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking stick has it all – beauty, class and lightweight construction. It will hold you up but not weigh you down in the least. You’ll find it a joy to walk along the beach, in the mountains, on a trail or down the sidewalk with this smooth, sturdy companion at your side.• The leather strap at the top helps you get a secure grip on the walking stick. The rubber tip helps you gain good traction on most surfaces.• Each walking stick is made in the USA by master woodworkers. Handcrafted, one at a time, so no two are exactly alike. Comes in three convenient sizes or can be easily sized down with a hand saw.

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